Cats and Dogs

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Cat and Dog Bowl

Drinking Bowl for Dogs and Cats

A great solution for the thirst of your lovely dogs and cats. This product is suitable for all types of dogs and cats. It is large enough to quench the...
4-In-1 Pet Hair Shaver

Shaver for Dogs and Cats

From €26,95
  A super convenient hair remover for you lovely pets. Comes in 3 different variants.       - 4 in 1, 3 in 1 and 2 in 1.  ...
Pet Drinking Water Fountain

Drinking Water Fountain for all kind of pets.

From €15,95
                  Important : The product comes with 2 different plug specifications, EU and USA. Please select accordingly.  Features :  - 3 gears...
Pet Vest Harness

Dog and Cat Harness Vest with Rope Set.

  Dog and Cat Harness Vest. - Reflective design - Includes Rope set. - Easily adjustable and breathable. - 3 colors - 5 sizes   Features : 1.Reflective stitching maintains...
Pet Feeding Bowls

Silicone Foldable Double Pet Feeding Bowl for Cats and Dogs.

Overview:  Double Collapsible Dog Food and Water Bowls: Double bowl design works as a full meal with food and water or feeding 2 pet friends at the same time.   No-Spill...
Interactive Food Toys for Dogs

Smart Pet Feeding Toy for Dogs and Cats.

A smart toy for your pets. It will help feed them easily by dropping the food while they play with it. The pet will enjoy playing with it and thereby...
Soft Dog Bed

Cat and Dog ultrasoft bed.

From €13,95
  A very comfortable and extra soft bed for dogs and cats - Lightweight and portable, which means easy to carry. - Very easy to clean. - Pet friendly material...
3-in-1 Pet Water Bottle

Portable 3 in 1 Water Bottle for Dogs and Cats - Water Feeder, Food Feeder, Poop Dispenser

From €11,95
                                               A handy water bottle for pets with...
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