Wooden Bird Swing
Wooden Bird Swing
Wooden Bird Swing
Wooden Bird Swing
Wooden Bird Swing
Wooden Bird Swing

Wooden Swing for small birds.


Color: 1Pc Random color

1Pc Random color
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A wooden swing for small birds.

- Easy to put in the cage

- Durable with natural wood.

- Colorful beads and two bells adds to the good playtime for birds.


Product Information:

This stand holder consists of woods and some colorful beads and two bells. It can be not only a stand holder but a toy for little birds to play with. The stand holder with a hook can be hung on the top of cages. Swing Stand holder will bring birds more fun with it.


- Perfect size for cockatiels, budgerigars,parrotlets,parakeets, and lovebirds.
- Can be hung on top of the cage!
- Birds can spend their time with playing swing!
- Durable with natural woods.
- Colorful beads will add to your cages and birds will like it!
- Two bells can make some sound to play with birds!


Material: Wood, Plastic Beads, Metal
Type : Birds
Size: One Size
Whole Length: 15cm(5.90in)
Stick Length: 10cm(3.94in)     


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1Pc Random color