Portable Lightweight Dog Poop Scooper(Toilet picker) with Built-in Poop Bag Dispenser


Color: Blue

Blue Grey
Garbage Bag

Free Shipping.: Estimated Delivery: 5-10 days (USA); 4-9 days (UK) and 5-9 days (Germany)

Estimated Delivery: 5-10 days (USA); 4-9 days (UK) and 5-9 days (Germany)

A portable and very convenient Dog Poop Scooper.

Now no more hassle of clearing up the dog poop. With our portable and lightweight dog poop scooper which comes with built in poop bags, it's very easy to pick up the dog poop in one go and tidy the place quickly.

- No more hands getting dirty.

- No need to carry separate poop bag rolls.

- Lightweight and compact.

- Works on all surfaces.


EASY WASTE PICKUP: The claw grabber pickup tool features a unique, user-friendly mechanism with claws that allows you to scoop the dog waste and bag it all in a single motion, without getting your hands dirty!

BUILT-IN POOP BAG DISPENSER: Not only can pick up dog poop faster and easier but this dog poop scooper for yard also has a built-in poop bag dispenser so you don’t have to carry a separate bag roll with you any time you take your dog outside.

PORTABLE AND COMPACT: Our dog poop scoop features a compact design in the shape of a tube and comes with a special lanyard that allows you to carry the scooper with ease. Ideal for walking, dog park, trips, hiking, shopping or outdoor activities.

EFFECTIVE ON EVERY SURFACE: This dog poop scooper is made with high-quality, durable materials. The claws are sturdy and stable, specially designed to scoop up the waste with ease regardless of the surface.

FOR ALL PET SIZES: The claws of our pet pooper scooper have a wide opening so can pick up the waste from any type of dog breed or size! An excellent choice for owners of small, medium and large pets!

Product Details:
Material: Plastic
Color:  Blue
Package Contents : Poop scooper x 1 Pc 

P.s :
-The Blue and Blue Grey variant includes 1 roll of garbage bag.
- Suit1 and Suit 2 variants have 10 rolls of garbage bags included with it.
- Extra Garbage bag option has 8 rolls of garbage bags.

Additional Information

Blue, Blue Grey, Garbage Bag, Suit1, Suit2

Free Shipping.

Estimated Delivery: 5-10 days (USA); 4-9 days (UK) and 5-9 days (Germany)

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